Recalling God’s Mercy

By Pamela Mendoza

Pamela Mendoza poses with the Divine Mercy during the Closing Ceremonies given to subsidized IEC 2016 Delegates of the Diocese of Novaliches by their foster families and parish, the Holy Cross Parish, in Basak-Pardo, Cebu City


All along I thought the good Lord will just invite you to go back to Him and wait for you to accept Him–kulang! I was wrong. The Lord will not just invite and wait for you but will walk with you even in the wrong path you’re in, just to win you back in His arms!

That is how big His love for each of us. Unless the bread is broken, can it only be shared. Yes, only when you are broken–broken from selfishness, from sin, from hate–you can never share the LOVE, MERCY and COMPASSION Jesus has given freely.

Mercy Through The IEC
I am still teary-eyed from the awesome experience of the 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC 2016). I got very interested about it when our Diocese launched the “Piso Para Sa Misa Ng Mundo“. So I searched what it’s all about. It caught my attention actually. After reading all the articles, sharings, etc., I asked the Lord, “Lord gusto ko pumunta sa Cebu…but how? PLEASE make a way for me.”

It was a prayer whispered to God with all honesty and sincerity. This was during Pope Francis’ visit here in Manila. So medyo matagal na that I completely forgot it until our Diocesan Theological-Pastoral Congress last December 12, 2015…when I heard my name being called.

Bishop Tobias announced that the Diocese has free registration to the IEC and called for those interested to approach him. My name was included in that list. I just said “Lord, thank you for answering my prayers, you really don’t cease to amaze me!”

Goofing around with the IEC2016 Delegates after the First Communicants Mass held at Cebu City Sports Complex, which was on the January 30, 2016.

I don’t have the means (money) to spend on that trip to Cebu. I have a daughter to think about first (tuition fee, our everyday food, bills…to name a few of my financial priorities). So when I whispered to the Lord that I wanted to experience Him, it was really an ardent desire not just to experience Him but to be with Him!

Answered prayer? NO! It was not JUST given to me in silver platter but was designed and tailored-fit for me! Such an awesome and generous God! From the registration to airfare down to the pocket money, ALL WERE GIVEN TO ME. I did not shell out even a single centavo from my savings!

In the every day experience of IEC 2016, I felt His presence–I felt His love and His mercy. He was really embracing me, holding me, holding my heart. Even if the activities were very tiring and every muscle of mine ached, I never felt so good and so blessed in my life! It was a gift, a blessing I will never forget…

The Lord will not just invite and wait for you but will walk with you even in the wrong path you’re in, just to win you back in His arms!

Mercy Through Sickliness
I was a Postulant with the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) but only for a short time as I was a very sickly person then. I was advised to go out and seek medical attention.

“You are here to serve and not to be served,” was the last words I heard from my formator. So yes, sabi nga nila, nagtangka ako magMadre! Epic fail!

Naisip ko ba na bumalik sa RVM? Ah, hindi na kasi the life I have right now is the life Jesus wanted me to have. The good Lord has prepared me through these years–through the charismatic movement. He made me, molded me and now He’s using me for His glory by sending me to give formations.

Not even in my wildest dreams or even in my wishlist that I’d be given this opportunity. I’m glad I am pleasing Him through this blessing. Since I am with a charismatic group called Lingkod ng Panginoon Community Foundation Inc (LNP CFI). It’s 34 years in existence and going 35 this June 12.


Pamela with Gianna when she was five years old.

We give seminars like Life in the Spirit Seminars (LSS), conferences, formations, recollections that are tailor-fit for the requesting party. We have been given opportunities to share this blessing to our own parish, the San Isidro Labrador Parish in Villanova, and the Sto. Kristo Mission Area in Llano.

Of course the formation given to these parishes are still based on the formation being given by our Diocese through our Commission on Faith and Formation. This is the reason why I also got involved in parish works. I was requested by our Parish Priest, Fr. Alvin Balean, to attend to “every and all” formation so we could get the formation we have in line with the Diocesan Mission-Vision.

Mercy Through An Angel Heaven-Sent
I have my own insurance agency in Sto. Domingo, Q.C. and a partner or owner of a medical clinic. This is basically my source of livelihood for me and my daughter, Gianna Jessica Pearl. No, I’m not married. I gave up that idea a long time ago. So yes, I’m a single mom but in a different way.

Gianna is my adopted. She is a very special gift. She turned 11 last February 11. Lets just say it’s tadhana. I believe it was God’s will. She just came into my life–literally!

Gianna Jessica Pearl Mendoza
Pamela’s heaven-sent angel, Gianna, now at 11.

She came through my kumpare who works in the military. He encountered the mom of Gianna in one of their operations. He learned the mother wanted to abort the baby, so he readily called me up to ask me if I’m interested. I said yes agad. I thought nga baby na yun pala nasa tummy pa niya and that was in December. She was expecting the baby by March. I guess excited na si baby to see me kaya Feb pa lang nag may-i-go-out na siya.

Actually, two yung preggy na nahuli ni kumpare from a prostitution house–katulong sila dun. Yung isang baby inadopt niya, yung isa sa akin. My kumpare had three children but puro babae anak so he adopted the boy from among the two babies. The difference with me and my kumpare is that the boy doesn’t know he is adopted since may family siya. They opted not to tell him. In my case, Gian knows she is special.

Thus, my everyday life, my everyday struggle especially in my finances, God is my greatest provider. In the same way, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

I know that I am not worthy of His pampering, the more reason why I am still teary-eyed when I go and hear Mass…

Is God merciful? I know that I am not worthy of His pampering, the more reason why I am still teary-eyed when I go and hear Mass and utter these word, “Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”
Each time I do, I feel He tells me, “You’re forgiven and I love you, Pam!”

Yes, my God is a merciful God! And forever will I proclaim His mercy!
Ms. Pamela Mendoza is the eldest among the three children of Atty Servillano and Perlta Mendoza. Though a jolly and positive person, she is very serious when it comes to matters of her Faith and in rearing her daughter to grow up according to the teachings of the Catholic Faith. Thus, she is a busy body for the Lord in Parish and community work.


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